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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Emails Replied!

Dear everyone,

I am sorry if I didn't reply any of your sweet emails. I only got 15 items to let go but I got more than 200 emails coming in on that day, asking and wanting to get them! I am really really sorry if I didn't reply yours. That means, you did not make it.. Somebody else is faster than you.. Sobs..

Anyway, don't fret and don't be sad as I will soon update the stuffs to let go and sell! (yes, this time you will have to buy to get it, my dear! hehe.. No more free stuff.. Well maybe in the future kay!) those who I have replied your emails saying that you got it, well..congratulations! eheh.. (Do I need to congratulate you? This is not even a contest..hehee. Well..nevermind..)

I hope you enjoy wearing and using it as much as I did.

And lastly, since they will be having a new owner and a new home, I hope that you will treat them with love and care! hehe.  =)

Shazwani Hamid.


ardinihumaira said...

ucapan tahniah tu wat dni rasa betapa bertuahnya dni sempat chop baju tu! yahuuuu hepi betul dni ;) terima kasih, wani!

Peah Gojes said...

hmm..cant wait laa dear.
verangan la klu2 wani nak let go 'yang tu'ke... olalalala

klu ade yg tu, wajib beli tu. kihkih

Suzie said...

wani jual apa pun semua org nak mcm goreng pisang panas..hehe..

Anonymous said...

huu,jz read dis..asyek melepas je..itsokay xde rezki..