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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Esprit Sporty Black Wallet

Just take it!! 100% original! With lots of pockets to store your important cards and whatnot. It's a strap closure by the way. (and for that reason, I personally think it's kinda suitable for guys, or boyish/sporty kinda girl. heh.)

Brand: Esprit

Material: Not sure. But it's a water-proof material

Condition: Good

Retail Price: RM 169

Selling Price: FREE! (please add RM 10 for shipping)

Status: BOOKED!


Byeti said...

Dear I nak nie..I email you okay.if still available la.suka this wallet coz dulu pernah ada..tapi selamat dicuri 4 tahun lepas. huhu

Aini said...

salam sis wani,
kalau boleh akak nak wallet ni to give a gift to adik lelaki akak..but btw, kalau sis byeti x jadi nak, bagi kat akak tau..tqvm ya..