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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger Aquamarine Blue T-Shirt

(chains not included)

This top would be great for a night out to the Downtown area or Night Market or to the Kopitiam or something.. Pair it with your jeans and your Tie Rack blue scarf wrapped around your head (or around your neck) and your fave chains... And wallaa.. You lookin' simple, but N.I.C.E! 
(I personally love the color, but too bad it ain't fit me no more! Bummer!)

Material: Cotton

Size: M (Fits size S to M)

Condition: Good

Retail Price:Unknown (it was a gift)

Selling Price: FREE! (please add RM10 for shipping)

Status: BOOKED!


Anonymous said...

i have emailed u! pls check! i cant wait!!