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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sisley Wooly Purple-ly Top

A night with your guy. And it's quite chilly out there. So wear this, babe! It's cute, wooly, lacey, girly, ribbony, purple-ly, soft..and Sisley! And need I say more? hehe.. It's such an adorable top! I would want one if I still can fit in it!

Material:  Wooly/Cardigan or sweater kind of material..

Size: Can't remember the real size! I think it was an M size. (too lazy to check on the label now..) But it fits size XS to S.

Condition: Good, still wearable. But it has shrunk after I accidentally tumble dry it! Arghh bummer! Now, I can't even fit in it anymore! >_< They're supposed to hand-wash only. So now the size has shrunk! Sobs. =(

Retail Price: RM 219

Selling Price: FREE! (please add RM10 for shipping)

Status: BOOKED!


Anonymous said...

Hi Wani babe,

I'm a size 8, do you think I can fit in..? *hold breathe*
And if yes, can I have this, pleaseeeee? :)

Sally Salleh

meQ said...

i'm 6 want too..eheksss....