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Thursday, June 10, 2010

U2 Women 3/4 Sleeve Purple Top

(chains not included)

Got a day out with the girls? Going somewhere casual like enjoying some ice cream or somewhere relax? Put this on! It's girly, it's purple and it'll look cute if you wear it with an adorable pink/purple hairband or flowery scarf! Oh...and don't forget, to slip in a pair of awesome shoes too!!

Brand: U2 Women (Sorry, forgot to take a photo of  the tag/brand)

Material: Cotton 

Size: M (Fits size S to M)

Condition: Good

Retail Price: RM 79

Selling Price: FREE! (please add RM10 for shipping)

Status: BOOKED!


ardinihumaira said...


dni ada emel untuk chop baju ni ^___^