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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Padini Authentics Denim Bags

These two cute lil' denim bag would look cute with any denim outfit! Use this to stuff your make up items in the office, or whenever you wanna-go-out-but-don't-wanna-carry-a-lot-of-things, or just to go to the supermarket near your house! Oh, and if you have a niece like mine (or daughter) who has fallen in love with bags ever since she was born, then this bag might be cool to give her to wear with her cute lil' jeans!

Brand: Padini Authentics

Material: Denim 

Condition: Good

Retail Price: RM 29 (for bag # 1)  and RM 25 (for bag # 2)

Selling Price: FREE! (please add RM5 for shipping)



.filzah. said...
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Exa said...

can i have the 2nd bag please...