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Monday, February 28, 2011

Scarves for Sale!!


YES, you read that right... TEN BUCKS! - Not that 'bucks' as in US dollars, but Ringgit Malaysia, of course! heheh ;p (Oh.. err.. except for one scarf.. but the rest are all TEN BUCKS!)

These are all my collections.. I bought them, about months ago, but never got the chance to wear them because I have so many similar colors like those scarves, and thus I abandoned them.. So, I think I might just sell it to the person who would wear them, rather than just hang it in the closet (Read: me ;p)

These are all oblong scarves, except for one - It's square. And they are very pretty (Hence, they're in my collection. heh ;p). But I really had to let them go because I just bought a few new scarves and I got no space to hang my scarves anymore.. so then I realized, what's the point of buying and keeping these scarves but didn't even wear them. Not even once! T_T, I wanted to hand it over to youuuu! ^_~

Go on and choose! SHIPPING IS FREE!
Scarf #1: The Blue Swirls
I wore the green one, here

Scarf #2: A cute polka dots scarf in Purple/Blue

Scarf #3: Purple+Blue-ish 

Scarf #4: Cotton pink shawls with stripes

Scarf #5: Red stripes, retro-ish design

Scarf #6: Pretty pink/orange/yellow stripes scarf

Scarf #7: The Pink Swirls scarf

Scarf #8: Orange polka dots scarf

Scarf #9: Brown/Orangey scarf

Scarf #10: A square silk scarf from MNG. Bought at RM 90. Never wore.
Selling price: RM 55

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